Pinterest 101: How Does Pinterest Work?

pinterest 101: what is pinterest and how it works

Pinterest 101! Top tips for getting started with Pinterest! If you are new to the Pinterest Marketing world this post will help guide the way! Pinterest Marketing for bloggers. Pinterest Marketing tips. Increase your blog traffic with Pinterest.

4 Powerful Mindset ShiftsTo Become a Virtual Assistant


Like it or not, you need to make certain mindset shifts to become a Virtual Assistant and be successful at it. If you have long-term plans for your Virtual Assistant business and you want to grow and profit from it, your mindset is one area you can’t ignore. Having a successful business isn’t just about having the right skills, knowing how to sell, or being good at what you do, a greater part of the work is the mindset work. In this post, I share with you 5 powerful mindset shifts to become a virtual assistant.