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Hi, I'm Grace

a blog/website, Pinterest and SEO strategists & VA that’s helping you start, grow and make money from your blog/business and saving you time by taking the daily demands of SEO, Pinterest, Email marketing and managing your blog off your hands.

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I’m going assume that you are:

  • new to blogging and can’t seem to get a hold of it,
  • or you struggle with SEO, Pinterest etc. and can’t seem to figure out how to make them work for you?
  • or you are stressed out and overwhelmed by the daily demands of Pinterest, SEO, Email marketing, managing all your blogging task while still figuring out how to make money or make time for the things that matter?

If so, you’re the exact reason I do what I do. I’m on a mission to help introverts, business owners, coaches and anyone who wants to,  start blogs, shine online, grow their blogs/ businesses (with SEO, Pinterest etc.) – with confidence.

What Kind of Solution Are You Looking For?

I've never heard of you. How can I trust what you have to say or do?

I didn’t start an online business or a blog to be internet famous.

In fact, I’m extremely introverted with a perfect blend social anxiety and perfectionism, so I’d rather NOT be famous to be honest.

Since becoming a Pinterest manager in early 2020, and later adding SEO, blog management, and Email marketing to that; I’ve been obsessed with getting results for my clients and offering as much help as I can to them (so I wouldn’t lose any of them and keep getting paid! Money=Good)…


I create step-by-step game plans that fit specifically for each client. Because you DO need a custom plan that is tailored to your specific needs. And that’s what I give you, a solution that fits YOUR unique business + goals, backed up with no-bullshit strategies.

When you work with me, you won’t get “vague” or fluffy answers….I’ll put it all out on the table and work with you to get the results you NEED from your website/blog, Pinterest and Emails.

My blog posts are ‘fluffless’, straight to the point, relatable and actionable.



new, upcoming/wanabe blogger who help figuring out the whole blogging talk, starting, growing and making money from it,

busy bloggers who may or may not know most of the stuff but can’t keep up with all the changes and daily demands of Pinterest, SEO, blogging task, etc, and those who just want to outsource so they can free up time for other aspects of their business,

online business owners, coaches and people who needs to get their products or services in the eyes of those who need them.

"I was so overwhelmed with blogging and was very fortunate to come across the opportunity to book a session with Grace. I had no idea what to expect going into it (and truth be told, I was a bit nervous because Grace had little to no experience yet and I was basically her first blog coaching client), but all my worries melted away once I started the Skype session. She is so down-to-earth and someone who genuinely cares about you as a person. She's talks confidently about her failures as a blogger and doesn't hold back on what has and hasn't worked for her. She's optimistic, but doesn't sugarcoat things. That's exactly the kind of person you need: one who is encouraging yet honest. You can definitely tell that she truly wants you to succeed and will come out of the session having made a new friend."

Want to get personal?

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Fun(or not so fun) Facts about Me!

#1. My name is Grace Esedeke. But let’s just stick to Grace so you don’t murder my last name.

#2. I have a terrible fear of heights, I’ve been promising to make myself do things that involve heights just to try and cure my fear. I’m yet to summon the courage to do any.

#3. I hate pets of any kind. But I enjoy watching NATGeo Wild. I think animals (some of them) are just cute to watch on TVs or in pictures. But that’s just all there is to it for me.

#4. I am from Nigeria. A country in the continent– Africa. The 7th most populous country in the world. I think it’s insulting when I tell my clients and prospects ‘I’m from Nigeria’ in our discovery calls and they go: “where in the world is that? is that a country? I thought you are from Africa…?” Really? Where in the world? Just Google ‘Nigeria’

#5. Another thing that irks me is when a prospect tells me: “I need someone who understands and can speak and write English perfectly for this task..” Nigeria has and speaks more than 500 languages. But our official language is English. English is our lingua franca. It is what we teach and learn with in our schools (from kindergarten to University), at work, in our churches. 

#6. I have watched F.R.I.E.N.D.S 7 times now and counting. The entire series. I found out about it in 2018 and I’ve been obsessed since then.

#7. Between cooking and cleaning I don’t know which one I hate most. But I love to organize and bake.

#8. I’m shy. I get really tensed and nervous when I’m on a video call with clients, so often that I always never impress and will have to send a personal note explaining what went wrong in the video.

#9. I love writing.  It helps me to process my thoughts. I am the only one who keeps a journal in my family.

#10. I have a really big heart, and I empathize with others very easily.

#11. I am a Jack (Jane?) of all trades. I know a little bit about a lot of things. I am interested in learning SO many things that I have a hard time focusing my energy on any one thing.

#12. I am good with numbers and math.  I get this from my Dad.

#13 I am an obsessive planner and goal setter. I got this too from my dad (who thought me how to set goals at the age of 8)

#14. I have never applied for a job. After university, I entered for and won a business grant competition. That business failed. I went on to another business and failed. Then another. Then I entered the world of blogging and there’s no going back for me.

#15. I earn a fulltime income online.

#16. I used to be a conflict-avoider, but no more.🙅🏼‍♀️  I hated confrontation for the most part of my life, but I don’t do that anymore. I still love harmony in my relationships, but I choose to deal with issues directly and promptly so they don’t fester and get worse.

#17. I have never lied about my age, and I don’t get why people do. 🤷🏼‍♀️

#18. I am extremely introverted. I am a textbook definition of INFJ. But I also move into INTJ more often. I am also a highly sensitive person. I feel everything.

#19. I don’t have a fav anything. Food, Color, vacation spot etc. It’s had to just pick one. But I love black and have always dreamt of having an all-black wedding.

#20. I love cakes. Pastries. Cereals. I don’t mind having those all day, all my life. I don’t like eating actual food.

#21. I’m a workaholic. I have the Puritan work ethic, and if I don’t have work to do, I get depressed and think something is wrong and create work for myself. “An idle man is the devil’s workshop” Right!

#22. I am a Christian. The story of my life will never be complete without God in it.

#23. I love music ( any Gospel music, soul, classical, jazz, blues), movies, books (my fav past time), art (someday I’ll learn how to paint).

#24. I love baking. I’d rather stay in the kitchen all day baking anything than cook.

#25. I am the first of 5 and the shortest among my siblings (I am 5.5). I make lots of weird faces. I don’t know how to pose to take pictures. I love to take photos of nature (flowers, plants, sky, water, animals etc).


I’m Lisa Martin. I Help Entrepreneurs Build Their Dreams.

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Self Awareness

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