WORDPRESS WEBSITE DESIGNER, Blogging and Tech Virtual Assistant

Hi, I'm Grace and I'm a Website designer and Blogging and Tech VA for Coaches, bloggers, and female entrepreneurs.

I help you get more visible as an expert and build the know, like, and trust factor quicker through blogging, SEO, Pinterest, and a functional website that showcases your work.

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What do you need? A beautiful website that converts, or help with SEO, Pinterest or setting up your WordPress blog?

Are you looking to add blogging as a strategy to grow your business and build credibility with your audience? Do you already own a blog but need someone to come in and help with some blogging tasks?

As someone who has had several profitable blogs, allow me to be your website designer, SEO expert, Pinterest manager and blogging VA, bringing all my experiences to help you start and grow a profitable blog for your business.

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Let’s work together towards building you a beautiful, functional, responsive & lead-generating website custom designed for your BUSINESS at rates that don’t break the bank!

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Ready to stop making SEO an after-thought & leaving money on the table for your competitors? Then let’s Get Your Blog, Website or Business on Google so you can start getting organic search traffic.

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Blogging is a fulltime job. I understand that it might be hard to entrust blog to someone else. But if blogging is eating up too much of your time, it may be time to take a few tasks off your plate.

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Let me help create or clean up and optimize your account and create custom branded scroll-stopping pins  for your brand so you look irresistible on Pinterest. 


Blogging is one of the best ways to market your business, establish yourself as an expert in your niche and offer valuable resources for your audience. If you are thinking of starting a blog that brings in income, start today with this 5-day free email course.

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I am Grace, the Introvert VA!

Blogging Since 2013. ‘Pinteresting’ since 2015. VA’ing since 2019 (post COVID).

After several failed attempts at growing 2 successful businesses (because this introvert girl sucked at marketing), I realized how frustrating it was to start and grow my own business’s income without losing myself…even though I’d done it for others!

I started blogging in 2013 with no prior tech experience. I taught myself everything from graphics to web design, to SEO, Pinterest (literally everything it takes to start and grow an online business), created a few profitable blogs and sold all of them.

2019 I decided to start all over, by offering Virtual Assistant services to business owners, course creators and bloggers. I got my clients and made $1000 in my first month with NO list, website, ads or community besides the Facebook groups I joined.

After hearing my clients complain about not having time to blog for their business, pull their hairs over tech and website issues, or cringe when they hear “SEO,” I decided in 2020 to niche down to offering website design, tech, SEO and blogging help to coaches, bloggers, digital creators, business owners etc.