How To Create A Daily Routine

how to create a daily routine

Everyone has a routine. Whether you are the spontaneous guy or the one who has everything mapped out. Actually, that’s almost a false assumption. If everyone had a routine (in the real sense of it), I won’t need to write a post on how to create a daily routine right?– but stay with me.

From the time we wake up to the time we go to bed at night, we all follow some sort of routine. But most times the routine we unintentionally follow doesn’t help increase our productivity or draw us closer to our goals. It’s more like we just go through the motions, doing what others expect of us.

So, how do you create a daily routine that helps you grow, increase productivity and move you closer to your goals?

Routines are a streak of actions or activities you do daily that helps increase our productivity, supports our long-term goals and generally foster personal growth.

After reading why you need a routine, the next thing is to create one right?

So, in this post, I’ll show you how to create a daily routine that will get you feeling motivated, productive, organized and make it easy for you to win your day and would become your secret to a more effective work.

How to create a Daily routine:

5 ways to create a daily routine

1. Brain Dump-

  • [thrive_2step id=’3064′]Download the guide[/thrive_2step] in this post and use the worksheet or get a notebook, journal or a note-taking app on your phone (Evernote, Trello and Google keep are my personal favourites)
  • Identify and write down the highest activities in your life that makes everything else fall into place. For me this will be: waking up early, spending time with God, listening to a podcast or watching a Ted talk or some educational, inspirational or motivational video on YouTube.
  • Gather information on and write down everything you need to get done daily. Make a list of everything you do from when you wake up to when you get back to bed. You can grab the list of activities in the guide and just tick the activities you’d like to include in your daily routine

2. Create a Timetable-

  • [thrive_2step id=’3064′]Download the perfect guide to creating your daily routine[/thrive_2step]  and use the template in the guide for this session.
  • Divide the lists you have made into activities you do (or want to do) in the morning and evening.


If you are not a morning person try to set yourself up with a morning routine that will give you the best chance of succeeding.

Make sure you only choose a few things and be proud of yourself when you do them. This is about you, not about comparing yourself to anyone else.

  • Do your most important tasks in the morning when you are still feeling energized and refreshed.

Mornings are about getting-out-of-the-door.

Mornings are about critical thinking, troubleshooting and the big tasks.

Mornings are for tasks that require energy, tasks that help you become alert,

For activities that help improve your emotional state, intellectual state, mental state or health,

For activities supports your long-term goals.

  • Look through your list, put a mark on the activities closest to the definitions above or activities you would like done in the morning.

Keep in mind that the activities you carry out on the morning set the tone for the rest of the day.


Evenings are for planning and preparing for the next day.

Activities you do in the evening should include- choosing what you will eat next day, reviewing your day, making a to-do list for the next day etc.

Look through your list and put a mark beside every evening related activity.

Allot time to each task (optional)

3. Put it all Together-

  • Using the worksheet provided in the guide or on a separate sheet/pages in your notebook, label ‘morning’ ‘evening’
  • Under each label, you write the activities you previously marked respectively.
  • Put your big tasks first on each list.

4. Be Flexible-

Be open to change.  Add/remove new or old habits.

When you notice that a task/activity is no longer relevant or needed, be willing to remove it from your routine.

If along the line you have a need to learn a new habit or an activity that is vital to your day or growth, just add it to your routine.

Always make room for changes, emergencies etc.

5. Test/Master the Process-

Now you have your daily routine.

Test it.
You can do a 7-day, 21-day or 30-day challenge (a 21-day challenge template is included in the guide) and see how it goes.

While you are testing your routine, do so with the following questions in mind:
— Which activity makes it easier to win your day?

— which activity makes it the hardest and why? What can you do to change it or make it easier?

— Are they certain tasks you are most comfortable doing at a certain time of the day which you previously thought otherwise?

Use your experience and answers to change what needs to be changed or remove what needs to go.
Keep tweaking until you have your ideal daily routine. (It took me roughly 2 months to create and master my ideal daily routine).

Now you have created your daily routine, master it. Copy it or print it and paste it on your wall for quick reminders. You can log it into your calendar, goals or to-do list app. Follow it every day until you become a master of it.

create a daily routine

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Download the Guide: [thrive_2step id=’3064′]Download the perfect guide to creating your daily routine.[/thrive_2step]

Over to You: I’d love to read your thoughts in the comment

Do you have daily (or morning) routines?

If no, do you think this guide will help you create one?

Be Awesome!

Tools/Resources I Recommend: 

Books and other resources:

The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy

The Slight Edge by  Jeff Olsen

The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod

What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast by Laura Vanderkam

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49 thoughts on “How To Create A Daily Routine”

  1. This was super helpful! I need to implement a few of these. Establishing a routine is easy, maintaining that is another story. Lolz XO and Stay FAB!

  2. This was super helpful! I need to implement a few of these. Establishing a routine is easy, maintaining that is another story. Lolz XO and Stay FAB!

  3. This was super helpful! I need to implement a few of these. Establishing a routine is easy, maintaining that is another story. Lolz XO and Stay FAB!


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