seo services,seo services in nigeria,seo



Search Engine Optimization (SEO SERVICES) for higher rankings & more traffic.

Ready to stop making SEO an after-thought & leaving money on the table for your competitors? Then let’s Get Your Blog, Website or Business on Google’s so you can start getting organic search traffic.

seo services,seo services in nigeria,seo

Websites with no traffic are lonely places and worst of all frustrating.

Get better Google rankings, higher traffic, and more clients/customers with SEO services.

I've Seen and Read Your Story Before...

Facebook/Instagram is becoming an unreliable place to house your business or get clients for your business.
So you know you need a website for your business or blog. You’ve been putting it off for years because [insert excuse here]. But now, you’re ready.
You manage to find a reliable, trustworthy web designer who builds you a beautiful new website at a reasonable price.
Your beautiful new website launches for the world to see, and you eagerly anticipate and wait for visitors, clients and customers to flock in.

But then…


Frustrating, right? You finally make a real investment into your online presence, only to get zero results in return?

This is the situation that all too many bloggers, coaches and small businesses find themselves in every single day. Owning a beautiful website that gets no traffic and zero new customers.

And you know what? I had the same problem.

So I did something about it. I learned SEO. And I’ve used it to rank several blogs (which I later sold). And I’m offering to help you beat the frustration and get eyes on your blog

seo services,seo services in nigeria,seo

Why is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Important?

As a business/brand, blogger, coach or Virtual Assistant, your online presence has a major impact on the growth and overall success of your business. It all boils down to how easily your target audience is able to find you.
I get it, SEO isn’t your favorite thing to think about or your fav task or you are completely new to SEO and confused about the whole stuff…
And Google, our dear friend isn’t going to show them your helpful viral Instagram or Facebook post you wrote yesterday…#truth

You NEED to have your SEO foundation set up so you can become a traffic magnet, start building organic search traffic from the start, and stop letting your site rankings slip through the cracks.
While you’re ignoring SEO, you’re also ignoring gaps in the market.
If you think SEO is “too competitive”, you’re not doing it right.
I wrote a blog post 2 years ago on one of my previous blogs (now sold) that is STILL on the first page of Google for 10+ keywords because I found the gap, and filled it.
There are over 3.5 billion searches happening on Google every day…..EVERY. DAY.
So even if your target audience is less than .0000001% of that, that’s STILL 3 people PER DAY…90 people per month searching for the solution your business/blog offers.

2 Key Areas My SEO Services can Help Your Business:

seo services,seo services in nigeria,seo

SEO Foundations

Getting a green light with Rank Math or Yoast or any SEO plugin you use isn’t going to help you get on page #1... especially if you’re leaving out the other pieces of the puzzle. My solution is to pull all the pieces together and build a solid SEO foundation (underground work), so that once your site takes off you'll likely not need me anymore.

seo services,seo services in nigeria,seo

Search Ranking/Website Traffic

I know how frustrating it is to write a blog or build a website for your business and no one gets to see or read it for months. Using the latest tools, strategies, and trends, I'll help you target keywords that will bring in traffic from Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. and help you move up in the search engine results.

“Not only did Grace help increase my website traffic, she extended  special care in walking me through the SEO practices I need to be carrying out on my blog daily and explained it to me in terms I completely understood. Grace knew I was very nervous and clueless about SEO and Pinterest, and as a result, not only did she make me feel very comfortable with everything, she made it possible for me to optimize my content without needing to hire another hand.” ~ Kayla


Inital SEO Foundation Set up

Timeline: 6-12 weeks

Investment: $969

**can be broken into 2-3 payments (with additional fee for PayPal charges)

This one time service is best for new websites, blogs or businesses. This will help create a solid and reliable SEO foundation for your business.

And also best for existing sites and businesses  that are looking to add SEO to their content marketing strategy or simply get traffic and leads from Google

What it includes:

  • Client Discovery Questionnaire/call
  • SEO Audit
  • Competitor Analysis (Up To 5)
  • Keyword Research
  • SEO Foundational Tools Setup
  • 3-month worth of SEO Blog post published/scheduled
  • Edit/optimization of website pages
  • Fixing Of Broken Links (Up To 50)
  • Custom SEO Strategy For Up To 8 Pages
  • On-Page SEO Optimization Implementation
  • Optimization for speed
  • Strategic List Of Blog Post Ideas
  • 1 month For Fixing Any Additional Errors
  • Custom SEO PDF Report
  • Suggestions On How To Move Forward


3 pieces of content optimized per month.
$ 250 Monthly


8 pieces of content optimized per month.
$ 350 Monthly


30 pieces of content optimized per month.
$ 650 Monthly


Services are offered on a month-to-month basis, do not require a contract, and can be canceled at any time.

For every tier, content types can be mixed and matched and include:

  • 1 optimized Blog article
  • updating of old posts
  • 1 Website page (front-end and back end)

>>Can be used for new or old content or both.

>> Requires Yoast SEO, Rank Math or any SEO plugin for WordPress.

What Makes You Different?

I take the frustration, overwhelm, confusion and big industry jargons out so what you’re left with is SIMPLE, UNDERSTANDABLE and ATTAINABLE SEO.

I meet you where you’re at. Need consulting? Great, I’ve got you. Want me to handle everything? Awesome, I’m here. Have questions? Don’t stress, I’m here to help.

Every website is different, every audience is different, everyone’s starting point is different.

After working with me, you’ll walk away with SEO insight that can help you generate results naturally or we can create an on-going SEO game plan that works FOR you, your business, and your goals. I’m here to help & educate along the way!

Have an Ecommerce Website?
Ecommerce websites & online shops have a more complex content structure, and more pages by nature (think product pages & collection pages). Because of that, additional fees may apply if you’d like on-page optimization for more than the 8 pages outlined in the Foundational Package above.

Can I Get Results From This Package?


I know “SEO Foundational Setup” doesn’t sound very attractive, but I’ve gotten a lot of my client’s results within just a few weeks of working together.

For transparency sake, specific results can’t be guaranteed.  Specific time where you start seeing result can’t be guaranteed. Every website has different goals, is starting from a different point, and has to take different factors into consideration. But I can promise that wherever you’re starting, whatever your goal is, we can fill the gaps, build momentum, and get you on Google’s good side. 

seo services,seo services in nigeria,seo


seo services,seo services in nigeria,seo


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