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I am doing the happy dance now, YAY!!  You signed up for the Live Workshop. 

Say goodbye to a cluttered, newbie-looking Pinterest account and all the confusion and overwhelm that comes with getting Pinterest right and welcome to the community of like minded people who are already using Pinterest to grow their business and blogs.

 Pinterest is a very important tool for growing and gaining visibility for your business and quickly ranking your website.

 This calls for some celebration!!!

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This workshop will be happening live in my Facebook group. So, join the Facebook Group so that you can begin interacting with other students who have signed up, ask questions and become an active member of the community, as you will need it when the course begins. CLICK HERE TO JOIN NOW


Wipe out your phone now and open your calendar to July 16th. Add it to your calendar. Be sure to include at least 1 hour time block to enable you to watch the video for the day, learn, execute, and engage in the community. 


Are you looking to start a blog for your business/book and have been pushing away because you feel you’re not ready, or there’s too much blogs already, or blogging is dead, or you feel overwhelmed with self-doubt, fears (of failure, what people will say etc) and you don’t even know where to start?

Pre-sign up for my blogging course for new and aspiring bloggers and business owners and get the guidance, structure you need plus a 1-1 coaching with me. 

In this course, I don’t just teach you how to start a blog, but I walk you through how to manage those limiting mindset and thoughts and the sneaky self-sabotaging behaviours that has held you back, son that they don’t sabotage your blogging journey.

I also teach you how to create digital products you can sell on your blog around what you already know, so you can start making money from your blog right away. 

You get all this for a discounted fee of $19 instead of $59. 

Don’t miss this deal.


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